How Do GPS Dog Collars Work?


Most of the time our pets become our family. We care for them like they are our children, lavish them with super healthy food, expensive toys, and pricey medical care. For some when dog collars, harnesses, fences and other restraining options become a necessity it can be quite daunting. There is an expansive market available of all types of those items.

One of the most reliable of the products is the GPS dog collar. This far exceeds what micro-chipping your family pet does. While micro-chipping provides the finder of an animal with information on the owner it does not track the pet in any fashion. This is where your GPS collar comes in to play. This unique design incorporates a Global Location Sensor into the internal workings of the collar. Some brands feature the sensor within a capsule attached to the collar, other integrate it into the fabric or leather layers that build the collar itself.

These collars often come with Apps in your PlayStore or AppleStore specifically used to track your pet. These are funny adorable little programs that you can load to your phone, tablet, and even your computer. Some of these programs are set up in basic dot-to-map formats. Others have interactive tables where you can track your pet down to a 150 foot radius of their actual location. Some have options within those programs to set a cute little icon instead of a dot, to set a radius around your home or the area your pet is located to sound an alarm when they breach that parameter.

The GPS system works by emitting a signal from the collar to a global satellite system. This information is then converted into data and filtered to the company who hosts your collar’s GPS system itself. There are however several down sides to utilizing this form of tracking for your family friend.

Many times when an pet gets loose they slip out of their collar. This can prove extremely problematic when tracking your pet if they have escaped. Some of these units must have their batteries changed regularly if that model calls for it. These batteries can typically run you a healthy price.

There are some companies who specialize in creating chip-sets to be implanted beneath your pet’s skin. While some people do not agree with these implants due to the legitimacy of the humane techniques used, this option still proves to be the most reliable method of tracking. There is also the option of never allowing them outside but we do not recommend that in any capacity.

These GPS services can also be added to the pets tagging system. This means that your GPS unit is going to hang from your pet’s collar. This is really an undependable source for tracking as the brackets can snap, it can become submerged in water, bitten off, chewed, and can possibly cause harm to your family friend.

As with any product you must do your research to ensure that it is the proper product for your family and your situation. Keep in mine the comfort of your pet!